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TruDataRx, Inc. uses objective clinical data to help clients improve the clinical efficacy and reduce the costs of pharmacy benefits for its members, employees, and health plan. We are independent from all players in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution industries, enabling us to best serve our clients.

Our team members have the following characteristics:

  • Entrepreneurial – we define this as the ability to get things done with resources you don’t control

  • Humble Initiative – deep comfort in knowing when you don’t know and asking questions, but not letting that get in the way of serving our customers

  • Collaboration – we always give benefit of doubt that each person has something to contribute

  • Imagination – considered the most powerful word in the English language -- each day we work to realize our vision


Chief operations officer

The Chief Operations Officer leads the day-to-day execution of the company’s objectives, including active involvement in client accounts. Further, the Chief Operations Officer is involved in business development efforts in such areas as project diagnostics, proposal development, and customer meetings.


Clinical account manager

The Clinical Account Manager is the liaison between our Clinical Team and Client Team, breaking down the silos by translating the best comparative effectiveness insights into tangible pharmacy programs for clients. The Clinical Account Manager will leverage their knowledge of pharmacy benefits management with innovative practices to develop a differentiated customer experience.


operations director

The Operations Director makes the trains run on time for our clients and the company. He or she will connect our clinical analytics with tangible programs that serve our clients, ensuring smooth implementation of solutions. Further, the Operations Director is involved in business development in such areas as project diagnostics, proposal development, and customer meetings.



Analysts are primarily responsible for day-to-day customer target development and clinical content analysis. They apply well-honed consulting, project management, and functional skills in the management of major project components or entire projects.